Destination Dining
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S.Pellegrino’s ‘Destination Dining’ Series: An East Coast, West Coast Signature Dish Swap saw eight restaurants in New York City and Los Angeles swap their favourite creations, bringing a taste of their signature dishes to the opposite coast. The series also supports Relief Opportunities for all Restaurants (ROAR), an organisation providing direct assistance to restaurant workers.

“Experiencing new cuisines is such an integral part of why we travel however, with trips still on hold, people are craving those unique dining and cultural experiences. With Destination Dining, we’re able to give food lovers a culinary escape while also lending support to independent restaurants during these challenging times” explains Filippo Mazzaia, Senior Market Development Manager for S.Pellegrino.

Recipes below as published on S.Pellegrino Fine Dining Lovers website.

Los Angeles

Dish: Impossible Moroccan Cigars by chef Tal Ronnen.
Restaurant: Refined plant-based LA restaurant Crossroads Kitchen.

Dish: Beets and Apple ‘Charoset’ with Feta, Horseradish and Pecan by chef Jeremy Fox.
Restaurant: Birdie G’s, named “hottest restaurant of the year” by LA Times.

New York

Dish: Steak & Eggs by chef David Shim.
Restaurant: Michelin-starred Cote, New York City’s first Korean steakhouse.

Dish: Everyday Cauliflower by chef Einat Admony.
Restaurant: NYC’s popular modern Israeli restaurant Balaboosta. “If you love cooking we’ve documented the exclusive recipes of the Destination Dining series so you can have a go at recreating those iconic flavours at home” recommends Ryan King of Fine Dining Lovers. We’ve selected Steak & Eggs by chef David Shim, of New York’s Cote and recommend pairing with JINRO Chamisul Fresh (on ice), as a simple but effective festive celebration dish.

Steak and Eggs

Dish: Steak & Eggs by chef David Shim, Cote.
Serves: 1

For the steak tartare
17g beef tenderloin, trimmed and brunoise* (*diced into tiny cubes)
1.5tsp extra virgin olive oil
10 g caviar
Salt and black pepper to taste
1 tsp chives (finely chopped)

For the toast
A loaf of milk bread or brioche
Room temperature

For the steak tartare
1. Prepare two small mixing bowls of similar size – one to mix the steak and one bowl to hold ice water. Have one mixing bowl filled with half ice and half water to make a proper ice bath. Put the empty mixing bowl on the ice bath.
2. Brunoise* the tenderloin, put it in the mixing bowl and coat it with extra virgin olive oil. Season to taste with salt and black pepper. Place a 1.75-inch diameter ring mould/cutter into the serving bowl and fill it with the seasoned tenderloin. While filling the mould, gently press the meat down to make a firm and even base. Just like a hockey puck.
3. Sprinkle finely-cut chives on top of the meat. Now take the mould out.
4. Quenelle the caviar and place it on top of the tartare.

For the toast
1. Preheat the oven to 375F on the convection baking setting.
2. Get a fresh loaf of milk bread or brioche and slice it into 1/2inch slices. Cut the sliced bread into smaller sticks, 3/4-inch width x 3-inch length.
3. Prepare a sheet tray with parchment paper and place the bread sticks on it. You can temper the butter for a smoother spread (it should be like mayonnaise consistency). Spread ½ tbsp spoon of butter on each side of the bread and toast it in a 375F oven until it becomes golden brown. You will need 2 pieces each of toast to complement the dish.

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