Biscoff Waffle
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Creams launch delicious new dessert using cult-hit biscuit to create The Lotus Biscoff Waffle.

This sticky, crunchy, chewy, hot and cold, delicious dessert is made by taking a freshly baked waffle hot off the waffle iron and covering it with warm Lotus Biscoff spread, while the spread is melting into the waffle it is topped with a cold scoop of creamy gelato before drizzling with Lotus Biscoff spread and finally topping with crunchy broken biscuit pieces of Lotus Biscoff.

Each of the 85 Creams locations around the UK will launch The Lotus Biscoff on 28th February 2019 priced £6.95 available to eat in or takeaway.

The cinnamon-spiced biscuit was first made in Belgium in 1932 when the Boone family began baking the decorative caramelised biscuits and delivering them door-to-door in their signature red truck.

Recognising their shared passion for incredible desserts showcasing Lotus Biscoff into one of their signature desserts was a natural choice for Creams.

About Creams

The Creams story is one of passion, commitment… and big flamboyant desserts. It took many years of research and tasting gelato, waffles and crepes (tough job but someone’s got to do it) to perfect the concept.

Since the first store opening in the UK in 2008 they’ve grown from strength to strength, having become a High Street favourite with 85 sites across the UK.

They’re proud, naturally, to have given the world some of the best desserts known to man but even more proud of their commitment to diversity. At Creams, people matter more than anything else (even ice-cream) and they open our arms to everyone, both as customers and in their cafe teams.


Freshly Baked Waffle, Lotus Biscoff Spread, Gelato Scoop, topped with Lotus Biscoff Sauce and Lotus Biscoff Biscuit Pieces.
Launch Date: 28th February Price: £6.95





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