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Creams Cafe lead the trend for dessert-only restaurants as they open their 50th store and launch a new menu nationwide.

Creams Cafe has experienced phenomenal success since being established in 2008 and since began supporting franchisees nationwide. Following nine years of steady growth across the UK there seems no slowing down for UK’s most popular dessert restaurant who have phenomenally opened one new location every month since the end of last year.

Have Creams discovered the perfect formula? Aside from lots of, well, cream in their homemade ice-cream it appears so as this year they are set to double their locations with new stores planned from Gateshead to Bournemouth to Bristol to Liverpool. Their confidence is high as they roll out a new menu to all of the stores upgrading and improving the offering to provide their growing number of fans even more desserts to enjoy.

This summer Creams strengthens it’s position as they partner with Thorpe Park Resorts for a summer promotional campaign that brings together two of Summer’s favourite pastimes; ice cream and theme parks.

The nationwide campaign offers each Creams customer one voucher per transaction. Six vouchers are available and while they all offer 2-4-1 entry voucher collecting them unlocks varying prizes, the top prize being an annual pass for popular theme park.

Social Engagement

The brand heavily engage with their online community mainly across the Facebook and Instagram channels that represent nearly a quarter of a million loyal Creams fans and where over 2,000 Likes following a Facebook post are common-place.


Product is of extremely high importance to the Zoomex outfit that manages the franchises and provides every Creams with exceptionally high quality ice-cream made on-site at their HQ in Dagenham.  The menu offers more than their UK-made ice creams that can be ordered in scoops or elaborate sundaes and as well as drinks, milkshakes and smoothies there are waffles and crepes made fresh to order and topped with a huge array of fresh fruit, sweet toppings and finished with syrup, cream or ice-cream. Creams also offer their customers a create your own service where thousands of items can be combined to create a favourite combination such as a Bounty Milkshake or Kinder-Bueno Waffle or what about an Apple Pie Crepe? The choices are endless.

Management Strategy

The management team work closely with each store co-ordinating reliable deliveries, assist with interiors and repairs, provide marketing support and promotional material whilst at the same time allowing each location to create their own community and influence on activity.

Environment and Design

What may add to the success of Creams Cafe is the accessibility thanks to long opening hours typically from 11am until 11pm and omission of alcohol across all sites ensures a safe environment for families and large groups of mixed ages and older children who enjoy the grown-up interiors of the signature Creams dark purple and spinning mirror-balls.


Creams are about to open their 50th store that stretch across the UK. You can find a complete list of Open and Opening Soon here: http://www.creamscafe.com/stores


“We were very satisfied with the business. We’ve been open two years and we’ve hit our targets that we set ourselves for the franchise year on year and we’re increasing our turn over year on year. We’re probably up ten percent on last year already in regards to monthly sales and again through the marketing and dynamics of the company in the Creams and Zoomex franchise it has increased due to them and with our help. The fact that both the franchise and both ourselves are dovetailing nicely in the area through marketing and various other means, means that we are quite happy with it.”

Shane Boyd – Windsor Creams.

“If you love desserts then this is a place for you. There is a large selection of crepes, waffles, sundaes and milkshakes and if there is nothing you fancy then you can create your own. The place has a great atmosphere and is definitely worth it.”

Katie G, Creams Middlesbrough, Feb 2017, Trip Advisor

“I was planning to check this place out ages ago and it turned out to be the best day of my life. Amazing atmosphere, lovely staff, marvellous food, affordable prices, to make it short: flawless. Highly recommended for everyone especially for young parents who are clueless where to bring the kids on a sunny Saturday afternoon.”

Tom Cika, Brighton, March 2017, Trip Advisor

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