Chinese Food Festival 2018
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Chinese Food Festival 2018 brings ‘Night Market’ to London

We are delighted to announce the Chinese Food Festival will return to Potters Field Park from Friday August 31st to Sunday September 2nd and this year is themed around the famous night markets of China known as yè shì, but with the benefit of all-day opening hours.

In the shadow of Tower Bridge over 20 vendors will serve around one hundred authentic market dishes representing seven individual provinces from across China.

Dishes will include Wuhan Chilli Oil Braised Crayfish (from Wuhan Midnight Market in Central China), Rose Ice Jelly made with organic Yunnan roses and garnished with crunchy peanuts, dried raisins, and dried hawthorn (from Yunnan in South China), Xiaomian noodles with their unique spicy taste of chilli oil often made to a secret recipe (from Chongqing in South West China) and intensely sweet and charred traditional Cantonese Char Sui (from Hong Kong in South East China). The Shanxi Province will be represented by a dedicated area with multiple vendors serving signature Shanxi cuisine, such as Xi’an beef burgers, Xi’an cold noodles and hand-pulled noodles with Qishan sauce and pork mince. Visitors will also be able to taste the sweet and savoury treasures of Taiwan with three vendors from the island showcasing snacks, desserts and their famous fruit teas.

Lee Kum Kee Chinese Kitchen is offering free masterclasses throughout the festival in association with School of Wok teaching the market classic BBQ chicken bao with pickled vegetables and a Cobra and Snow Beer bar and JiangXiaoBai Baiju bar will be serving drinks until late adding to this spectacular celebration and unique opportunity for visitors to experience the diversity of Chinese food.

Below you will find further details including full dish information and origin.

Editors Notes


Potters Fields Park

Opening Hours

Friday & Saturday: Midday to 10pm
Sunday: Midday to 7pm


Facebook event: facebook.com/events/2176553915965567



Location: Central China
About: There is a unique smell that floats around the streets of this river town called ‘zui chan’ (translates as mouth drool) thanks to the popular Wuhan Midnight Market, This year’s Chinese Food Festival will welcome Wuhan market’s most popular dish, Wuhan Chili Oil Braised Crayfish. Other dishes to try are Guo Zao (hot and dry noodles) and the popular snack Wuhan Spicy Duck Neck.
Chilli Legend

Yunnan Province

Location: South China
About: Rice noodles or ‘Mi Xian, is the ubiquitous dish from this province of Southwest China. Guo Qiao Mi Xian or Crossing-Bridge Rice Noodle is one of their most famous dishes so called after an 200 year-old love story made with and 8-hour broth, meats, vegetables, herbs, house-made condiments of chilli oil and seasonal pickles and edible chrysanthemum petals. Other Yunnan dishes available are the smooth, spicy and savoury Silken Tofu Rice Noodles layered with simmered pork mince, Chinese chives, pickles and crushed peanuts, Langya fried Chilli Potato dressed with special chilli sauce, and tossed with fresh coriander and spring onion, and Rose Ice Jelly made from organic papaya seeds, served in fragrant rosy brown sugar syrup made from organic Yunnan roses, and garnished with crunchy peanuts, dried raisins, and dried hawthorn.
Yun: kerbfood.com/traders/yun/


Location: South West
About: This metropolitan city is known as one of the capital cities for spicy food and Xiaomian is a classic dish found on every street. Xiaomian is plain noodles seasoned with soy sauce, garlic, chilli oil, ginger, and Sichuan pepper however the real essence of Xiaomian is its unique spicy taste of chilli oil often made to a secret recipe. Variations available will include Vegan Xiaomian, Xiaomian with Minced Pork and Chickpea or Xiaomin made with glass noodles. Diners can also try Chongqing Ice “Shrimp” (凉虾). Despite the name it’s made from rice passed through a sieve and dish and because of its resemblance to shrimps and their distance from the sea Yunnan locals fondly give it this name.
Liu Xiaomian: liu-xiaomian.com

Hong Kong:

Location: South East China
About: Cantonese roast meats will be served at Ekachai’s Chop Shop. Dishes will include traditional intensely sweet and charred Char Sui, Crispy Pork with crisp crackling and tender and juicy meat as well as the subtle Hainan Chicken Rice served with traditional accompaniments. A selection of homemade sauces will accompany the meats typically found in Cantonese food markets. 1960s Hong Kong will also be represented at the festival with the soft, pillowy Chinese treats filled with pork, vegetable and custard buns from London’s Bun House.
Ekachai: ekachai.co.uk
Bun House: bun.house

Shandong and Tianjin:

Location: Eastern edge of North China
About: The traditional jian bing originated in Shandong and flourished in Tianjin Today the pancake, similar to a French crepe, is one of China’s most popular breakfast street foods. London have been lucky to welcome this dish to the Capital this year and visitors to the festival can try their delicious pork, chicken and lamb fillings.
Pleasant Lady:

The Shanxi Province

Location: North China
About: This landlocked area, known for it’s spicy cuisine and fondness for using meat in their cooking, will be represented by a dedicated area with multiple vendors serving signature Shanxi cuisine, such as Xi’an beef burgers, Xi’an cold noodles and hand-pulled noodles with Qishan sauce and pork mince. Visitors can also experience some cultural traditions from this province alongside exploring the food.


Taiwan is also being highlighted at this year’s festival with three stallholders showcasing a huge rage of typical snacks from the island; Jiaba offers traditional dishes such as Braised Pork Rice, Yansuji, King Oyster Mushroom, Braised Egg and Green Tea Jelly. Dessert enthusiasts can try Taiwanese ‘Wheelcakes’ from Wheelcake Island. These soft, fluffy pancakes are cooked to order and filled with sweet fillings of Azuki Bean, Vanilla Custard, Chocolate&Vanilla and Matcha. Finally, YiFang will be offering their refreshing all-natural fruit teas which contain only fresh fruit, premium mountain tea and natural sugars.
Jiaba: jiaba.co.uk
Wheelcake Island: wheelcakeisland.com
YiFang: yifangtea.co.uk

Additional Vendors


Rice Coming (Hunan province) selling Changde Sour and Spicy Rice noodles
Ugly Dumpling
Han Dian
Wong’s Chinese Kitchen


City Juice serving freshly made sugarcane juice
Coco Fruit Tea & Juice
JiangXiaoBai (Chinese Baijiu spirits)

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