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Benihana makes choosing between Lobster or Wagyu easy

Lobster & Wagyu

Lobster versus Wagyu is a hard decision to make however Benihana have launched a new lunch menu to prove that luxury can be affordable and such a decision should no longer be an issue.

For £17.90 diners can order the new Lobster Vs Wagyu lunch menu that includes lobster or Wagyu as well as accompanying miso soup, salad, seasonal starter (e.g. salmon ceviche), tempura, sushi and croquettes. This menu of outstanding value is available from noon until 3pm at Benihana Piccadilly and Benihana Chelsea (further details below).

Is this the best value lunch in London? We encouraged our guests to come and find out.

If you would like further information on the Benihana offer
please do not hesitate to contact Krista Booker

Benihana 50th Anniversary Wagyu Beef Menu

Wagyu Beef

Benihana opened their first restaurant 50 years ago and to commemorate the occasion by offering a promotional menu that celebrates both the lifting of the import ban on Japanese Wagyu and Benihana’s unique heritage.

The 50th Anniversary Wagyu menu begins with the traditional starters of Onion Soup and Salad followed by Sushi, Tempura and the classic Prawn Appetiser, Courgettes, Onion Volcano and Hibachi Rice.

Diners are then served Wagyu known around the word for its sweet aroma and rich flavour. The Benihana style of cooking suits Wagyu beef very well as the marbling benefits from swift cooking at a high heat and the sweet fragrance given off when cooking (due to increased amino acids) can be appreciated by the diners seated around a Teppan.

The Wagyu can be compared with a dish of the Scottish Fillet or, at the diners preference, the Black Cod with Miso.

This ten-course meal is finished with an ice-cream dessert.

The price of the Benihana 50th Anniversary Wagyu menu is only £50 per person for a limited time to allow diners to experience Wagyu at an affordable price – before returning to the rrp of around £100 for the Wagyu alone.

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Wagyu Beef Menu