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Growth in whiskey sector encourages sales of small-batch bourbon

This week we have been inspired by Pernod Ricard who are keen to abandon the ‘old man in slippers’ image that has often been associated with whiskey.

In a recent article Leonie Roderick  cited popular TV shows like Mad Men and Broadwalk Empire as having helped whiskey achieve newfound prominence.

We are delighted to learn that not only is whiskey growing in popularity, but is attracting a wider demographic than ever before. For the younger generations, whiskey is a tangible representation of disposable income and sophistication. According to Michal Addady, sales of American-made Bourbons and Tennessee whiskeys saw a 17% increase in 2015, and so began the whiskey renaissance.

The Garrison Brothers distillery in Texas is the oldest legal distillery of its kind and is the first to bring organic Bourbon to the UK. We have been chosen to represent the launch of Garrison Brothers whiskey in Europe, and are currently working on selecting bars, speaking to whiskey professionals, bartenders, drinks buyers, and restaurant owners about stocking the award winning bourbon. The grain is made from sweet mash, which has a naturally higher PH than sour mashes because of the fresh grain that is added each time. When the Bourbon matures in their casks the Texas heat increases evaporation resulting in a more concentrated taste. Finally, a little Texas rain water is added to proof the Bourbon. It is this extremely rare and bespoke process that has the potential to make Garrison Brothers a favourite in bars, restaurants and hotels across London, particularly those that specialise in bourbon.

In April 2013, the company launched their Cowboy Bourbon made from their ten best barrels which had been held back for release for nearly four years. Just 600 bottles of the unfiltered Bourbon went on sale as part of a limited release and led to them being named ‘American Micro Whisky of the Year’ in Jim Murray’s 2014 Whisky Bible.

Also a winner of ‘American Micro Whisky of the Year’, the 2016 Vintage of the Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey has already sold out. Nicknamed The Flagship, the small batch Bourbon contained lower levels of higher alcohols than any Bourbon on the market, thereby minimising the effects of your hangover; a win-win.

Single Barrel Bourbon

We are very lucky to have some of the exclusive 2016 Straight bourbon and on the 24th November are working in partnership with Texas Joe’s Restaurant for ‘A Very Texan Thanksgiving’, where we will be offering an ‘all you can eat’ menu of Texan dishes for £40 per head. The price also includes a welcome cocktail and a double-measure digestif of the award-winning Straight bourbon. The next release is in spring 2017.

For more info on Garrison Bros visit their website. For press information please do not hesitate to contact Penny Matthews


A Very Texan Thanksgiving | Bourbon & BBQ @ Texas Joe’s w/ Garrison Brothers

Texas Joes

For the very first time in London diners are invited to celebrate Thanksgiving the authentic Texan way at A Very Texan Thanksgiving. 

Garrison Brothers bourbon has partnered with Texas Joe’s restaurant to showcase  ‘the Texan way’ of slow-smoking turkey, chipotle glazing vegetables, adding jalapeños to cornbread and Texan-measures of bourbon. True to the tradition of celebrating ‘fall bounty’ the single priced menu of £40 per person is ‘all-you-can-eat’ including two Texas-sized shots of Garrison Brothers. 

The Hill Country Howdy with Garrison Brothers Single Barrel Bourbon is a delicious peach and peppercorn cocktail and the mix will be served separately to the bourbon so guests can choose to make the cocktail, try each individually or do both. Following the meal diners will be served a digestif of award-winning Garrison Brothers Straight Bourbon. Dishes in the menu are Smoked Turkey with Gravy, Bone Marrow Mash, Smoked Creamed Corn, Chipotle-Glazed Sweet Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Poblano Chorizo Cornbread Dressing and Pumpkin Pie.

Garrison Brothers is not only the first and oldest family-run distillery in Texas it is also the first to bring organic bourbon to the UK. Each wax sealed bottle is hand-signed and their Straight bourbon was named US Micro Whisky of The Year 2016 in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible for the second year running. The bourbon has a kick (but no burn) with hints of butterscotch and caramel that pair wonderfully with the slow-smoke of Texas Joe’s.

Please see below the image for further information about Garrison Brothers, Texas Joe’s and full event details.

If you would like further information on Texas Joes or Garrison Brothers
please do not hesitate to contact Krista Booker

A Very Texan Thanksgiving
Date: Thursday November 24th
Time: Dinner will be served in one sitting (7pm until 9pm) unless demand requires a second sitting (9.15pm until late).
Location: Texas Joe’s, 8-9 Snowfields, SE1 3SU

About Garrison Brothers
What makes Garrison Brothers special?
– It is extremely rare to find in London
– Sweet mash is used instead of sour mash meaning fresh organic grain is used every time. It’s a home-made sweet mash that is gently copper distilled once so you can taste the flavour of the grain. The reason for using the sweet mash is clearly explained by Dan Garrison: “If you were going to make the freshest coffee possible, you would not reuse the coffee grounds from yesterday’s batch, would you? That is what the sour mash process is: re-using your grain to save money. Kentuckians are a cheap lot!”.
– The heat in Texas creates more angel share losses and has resulted in a more concentrated and pure taste, which is what makes it taste so different from regular Bourbons. The caramel is intensified; a 3yr old Bourbon can only be compared to 6yr old Whisky.

About Texas Joe’s 

Texas Joe’s Slow Smoked Meats bring the spirit of Texas to Bermondsey and feature traditional BBQ meats done ‘the Texan way’, plus a separate honky-tonk bar complete with jukebox, whisky, and tequila. The menu is strictly a Texas affair with traditional meats and cuts prepared simply with a heavy dose of smoke, salt and pepper. Meats are slow smoked over English oak from London Log Company in a custom 500-pound capacity rotisserie which has been painted in the colours of the University of Texas in Austin and nicknamed BEVO.