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Digital Innovation: Range Thermometer for iPhone

iPhone iPad Thermometer Range

With the constant development of technology and arrival of new nifty gadgets it’s no surprised that the tech world is starting to revolutionise kitchen equipment.

The Range thermometer brings “digital power to the kitchen” – just plug download the App, plug the thermometer into your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch headphone jack, set up the temperature and then insert the thermometer into whatever you are cooking.

Whether you like to be perfectly precise or simply get frustrated at having to put things back in the oven for another ten minutes this gadget gives you the ability to see the exact calibrated temperature reading of your cooking. If you’re not sure what temperature your dish is supposed to be the App comes with an easy to use temperature guide.

It’s such a simple process that you can even leave the house as the App will alert you when it’s done just how you want it.

There are two ranges: The Ember Range perfect for meat which can be safely left in the oven (£45 approx) or The Aqua Range ideal for cheese-making, beer-brewing and baking (£80 approx). A small price for a taste of perfection.

You can buy them from here, here, or here.
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Showcase Your Business with a Google 360 Tour

Ever found yourself checking the outside of a business such as a hotel or restaurant before you commit to a visit?

Well, if you are as inquisitive as us you are in luck! Google 360 Tour is a new way to explore a business which can take you on a virtual tour of a business premises.

This fairly new feature for Google Maps will help good businesses showcase their interior and gaining added exposure helping them in the process to stand out from businesses who don’t have anything to shout about or are just plain grubby!

Our client The Cavendish London Hotel has recently launched their own 360 virtual tour which you can take a look at via the map below:

If you would like to create a virtual 360 tour for your business all you have to do is follow the instructions here.

A Look Through Google Glass

Google Glass is perhaps the most talked about tech innovation currently, followed closely by Apple’s iOS watch. To help keep up our interest Google have just released this preview video which illustrates how easy to use the device is. Here is the official video description from Google:

“Want to see how Glass actually feels? It’s surprisingly simple. Say “take a picture” to take a picture. Record what you see, hands free. Even share what you see, live.”

The simplicity of use and many ways it can be brought into your everyday life is quite breathtaking or harrowing if you harbour fears of a dystopian future. Watching Channel 4 drama ‘Black Mirror’ which taps into public unease about the modern world didn’t help us much on that count here at Fourteen Ten!

Facebook Adds New Admin Roles

This week Facebook has added new admin roles. This is a notable improvement for those of you who have quite rightly been a little hesitant to give full administrator privileges to collaborators.

Thankfully you no longer need to worry as Facebook adds new admin roles that clearly define the roles and levels of responsibility for fanpage collaborators. These are as follows:

Manager – Full access.
Content Creator – Access to all activities other than managing admins.
Moderator – Only able to moderate posts and comments and create adverts.
Create Ads – Only able to create adverts.
Insights Analyst – Only able to view page insights.

Facebook Admin Roles Image


Technology is becoming increasingly integrated into our lives of all ages, births are broadcast on Skype for far-flung relatives, attracted 50,000 grannies in it’s first month and there is a lot going on in between.

It is no surprise that brands are jumping on the trend and creating tech-chic lifestyle products to accompany this techo trend. What was once a gift wish for a wallet or purse will now be a tablet cover.

Here are our favourite iPad cases in budget and blowout options:

Budget £53.79 + Free Delivery
Sena iPad Case

Blowout £325 + Gold Stamp With The Lettering Of Your Choice for £6.95
Smythson iPad Case