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Introducing Regional Food from Japan’s Oita Prefecture

Oita Prefecture

Japan’s Oita Prefecture are coming to London this month bringing Bungo, Donko and Kabosu-buri from Oita to the Capital for the first time.

The incredibly lush Oita region is found on Kyushu Island in South Japan. 70% of Oita is covered by forests and rivers encircled by 759 kilometers of coastline that has shoals in the north and a jagged coastline in the south. The coastal waters contribute to a prosperous fishing industry and the streams that flow from the mountain ranges give rich water sources to arable farm land.

Bungo beef comes from cattle raised in Oita’s beautiful region of rolling mountains. It is regarded as some of the very best beef in Japan and has a rich yet mild melt in the mouth flavour. Donko is the highest grade shiitake found growing from forest oak logs. These mushrooms are hand-harvested and sun-dried at their peak to capture the best flavour and most nutrients. Kabosu-buri is Japanese yellowtail that have been fed on a famous delicacy of Oita Prefecture, the kabosu lime, a citrus fruit that imparts a delicate note to the fish.

Dishes Available
Oita Sushi Rolls – Kabuso-buri, Donko Shiitake Mushrooms and Bungo Beef (£9.50)
Donko Steak – Donko Shiitake prepared on the Tepan (£6.80)
Bungo Beef Tataki – Roasted Bungo dressed with Sweet Soy and Wasabi Mayonnaise (£15)
Bungo Beef in Gunkan and Nigiri Style (£9.50)
Oita Set-Meals are available for lunch (£18.90 and dinner (£49.80/£59)

Available until October 15th-25th
Hosted by:
Benihana Chelsea, 77 Kings Road, SW3 4N. Tel: 020 7376 7799
Benihana Piccadilly, 37 Sackville Street, W1S 3EH. Tel: 020 7494 2525

If you would like further information on Bungo, Donko or Kabuso
please do not hesitate to contact Krista Booker

Model Village LFW 2015

 Model Village

Have you ever wondered what models do when they are not on the catwalk? We invited the media to find out during London Fashion Week with exclusive access to Model Village that has never been open to the media before.

Model Village was launched by LVK Models in 2013 and now 1,500 models treat it as their second home. The Model Village is a private Central London retreat dedicated to female models for use between fashion shows. Facilities include an area to rest and relax and complimentary food and drink as well as makeup artists, manicurists, masseurs, a chiropractor, career workshops, catwalk coaching, nutrition advice, fitness programmes and some fun with a Wii sports tournament with prizes from Adidas.

This year the food was curated by Raw Skin Food and served The Chakra Diet designed to “Realign Your 7 Energies + 4 Seasons of Happiness” and sponsors included Vita Coco, La Roche-Posay, Youth Lab, W7 and experience discovery app Wistla.

Media guests were able to see what life is like between shows and how the intensive and constant work of Fashion Week is alleviated by the services Model Village provides. A number of appointment slots were available where our guests could explore Model Village with open access to the facilities available.

If you would like further information about LVK Models or Model Village
please do not hesitate to contact Krista Booker

Buffalo Mozzarella Season

Buffalo Mozzarella
Buffalo Mozzarella

Did you know that from July to the end of August is the very best time for enjoying Buffalo Mozzarella?

During these months in Campania the weather is at it’s warmest, the grass and herbs at their sweetest and water buffalo are happiest. Naturally this produces the tastiest cheese. Rossopomodoro transport their fresh buffalo mozzarella twice weekly direct from Campania and it goes from production to plate in 24 hours bringing London the tastiest and freshest mozzarella possible.

To celebrate these two special months our client Rossopomodoro have introduced two special sizes (in addition to the permanent menu items). These larger sizes also benefit further in taste due to retaining freshness.

1. The Mozzarellona : a huge 1kg serving parties of 6-10 people – £40
2. The Trecciona (plaited, image below): a giant 3kg serving parties of 20-30 people – £120 (one week advance pre-order required)
Both are served with tomato bruschetta, grilled vegetables and prosciutto di Parma.

There is further information below for your interest including a quote from the producer, tips about the cheese and availability details. We would also like to invite you to a tasting of the larger size at your convenience. If you would like to join us please let me know your interest and we can work dates around your availability.

We hope buffalo mozzarella season is of interest to you and if you require any specific information please do not hesitate to contact Krista Booker

Location and Availability

Buffalo Mozzarella Season will be celebrated until the end of August in Rossopomodoro Camden, Chelsea, Covent Garden, Hoxton, Oxford Street, Wandsworth.


“This is the best time to mozzarella as grazing animals eat the sweetest grass and fresh herbs that grow wild, this imparts flavour to the milk giving it characteristics and unique aromas. Climate of Naples is perfect for the animals and it is in these months when the Water Buffalos are content. Further north it gets too cold, east too dry and south too hot.Distribution is also a key element as buffalo mozzarella should be eaten after around a day from production. All factors combined provides a true reason to celebrate this wonderful product.”
Nino Lombardi, Mozzarella Producer, Bellopede E Goglino

Mozzarella Tips:

– The word mozzarella is from mozzare “to cut off”. This refers to the technique of separating the cheese for individual shaping.
– The best way to eat mozzarella is cutting into the sphere in a wedge like you would with a cake. This way you can experience the soft middle along with the firmer outer areas.
– Nino Lombardi says: “For me the best way to eat mozzarella is representing the colors of our nation by adding tomato and basil to the white cheese. This fully reflects the tradition of our Mediterranean cuisine.”

Mozzarella Trecciano

Social Media Links:

About Rossopomodoro

What sets Rossopomodoro apart is that they are truly Neapolitan. With chefs from Neapolitan pizzaioli families making Neapolitan dishes using ingredients sourced from the Napoli region you won’t find a more genuine Neapolitan experience outside Napoli.

Rossopomodoro host a variety of social events at their restaurants including RossoCinema (pizza+drink+Italian film+popcorn for £15), RossoCalcio (pizza+beer+ football match for £10), Pizza Masterclass (3 courses+masterclass+dough for £30) and a variety of activities for children.

About Rossopomodoro Pizza – pizza with pedigree and explosive provenance

“Two things set our pizza apart. 1. People. Pizzaioli who are Napoli born and bred. Experts whose legacy is the craft they uphold with pride and perform with verve. 2. Vesuvius. Volcanic and iconic, her feisty temper has created rich, fertile soil. Crops kissed by Mediterranean sunshine grow herewith robust, distinctive flavours. Only these go into our pizza.”


10 Jamestown Road
Camden, NW1 7BY
020 7424 9900

214 Fulham Road
SW10 9NB
020 7352 7677
Covent Garden
50 – 52 Monmouth Street
020 7240 9095

1 Rufus Street
London, N1 6PE
020 7739 1899

Oxford Street
300 Oxford St, John Lewis
Shopping Centre, W1A 1EX
020 7495 8409

46 Garratt Lane
London, SW18 4TF
020 8877 9903

EKACHAI Launch Interactive Wall

Ekachai Interactive Wall

Our client Ekachai is completely refurbishing the interior of their Wandsworth restaurant that is located on the upper concourse of Wandsworth’s Southside Shopping Centre. Narrative, the design team, are making huge changes such as covering the roof in bamboo and hanging almost fifty light fixtures imported from Indonesia.

As well as a new look there will also be a new menu with additions such as ever popular Cantonese Char Sui Bao, Thai chicken classic Kai Krapow and Roti Canai fried Malaysian pancake. The re-launch is planned for early July however between now and then they have to fully cover the exterior in large dull hoarding.

To reimagine this temporary drawback we commissioned The Outside Collective to create an interactive mural running along the entire length of the 13m hoarding. Ekachai also provided the collateral of 500 meals for us to giveaway.

Our focus for the interactive wall was to reflect the profile of Ekachai; a Southeast Asian restaurant specialising in authentic Cantonese, Thai and Malay street food served in an informal, honest and fun environment. The cuisines’ styles were illustrated by a scene from each area in geographical order moving from morning until night. We then made these scenes interactive to promote engagement and social media promotion of the re-launch. The Hong Kong scene features über-sized chopsticks, Thailand conical hats and Malaysia a becak bicycle. Instructions on how to use the wall are positioned at the top of the mural, to the side and also on an A board.

Yesterday Fourteen Ten spent time at Southside wearing Ekachai uniforms and encouraging passers-by to pose with the items on the wall. Some interacted, some didn’t but the first thing people did when walking past was to look at the wall, stop and smile many enquiring about the re-launch of the restaurant. We also spoke to lots of customers who were disappointed (and some angry!) to find their local restaurant was temporarily closed which was an interesting observation on numbers of regular diners.

Follow the entries using the hashtag #Ekachai.


To win one of 500 free main-meals passers-by can select between Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia pose with the chopsticks, hats or bicycle and upload a photograph on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram including the hashtag #Ekachai.


Unit 205,
Upper Concourse,
Southside shopping centre,
London SW18 4TE


The restaurant is planned to re-open early July. We’ll be contacting the lucky winners via their social media channels and send them vouchers to redeem their prize following the reopening.


Hashtag: #Ekachai

For further information please contact Krista Booker

Victor’s Drinks – Redefining The Home Brew

Victor's Drinks

As Seen On Dragon’s Den

Victor’s Drinks is a range of easy to make cider and ale kits that redefine the way people view the current homebrew market. The product has been developed to be as simple as possible taking home brewing away from the confines of the devoted hobbyist.

The idea for Victor’s Drinks started at the University of Manchester when co-founder Alex would make his own cider to cater for their parties. Everyone loved the cider and they were always interested to hear how it was made but didn’t want to do it themselves because of the high start-up costs, variable results and large storage requirements afterwards. Alex and fellow co-founder Ralph saw a gap in the market and over the next 5 years developed a make-it-yourself drinks kit to solve all these problems. That solution is Victor’s Drinks.

How is it made? Pour in 18 pints of warm water, add a sachet of yeast and after 10 days the drink is ready to consume and can be poured straight from the box into a glass.

After launching in October 2013 with an apple cider they have now expanded the range to include elderflower cider, mixed berry cider, pale ale and dark ale. The 20 pint version retails at £24.99 and they will also be launching a 10 pint version shortly.

Victor’s Drinks make the perfect gift, is a fun and easy way to make your own drink and – true it’s origins – is great for parties.

Victor’s Drinks is a range of easy to make cider and ale kits that redefine the way people view the current homebrew market. The product has been developed to be as simple as possible taking home brewing away from the confines of the devoted hobbyist.

The idea for Victor’s Drinks started at the University of Manchester when co-founder Alex would make his own cider to cater for their parties. Everyone loved the cider and they were always interested to hear how it was made but didn’t want to do it themselves because of the high start-up costs, variable results and large storage requirements afterwards. Alex and fellow co-founder Ralph saw a gap in the market and over the next 5 years developed a make-it-yourself drinks kit to solve all these problems. That solution is Victor’s Drinks.

How is it made? Pour in 18 pints of warm water, add a sachet of yeast and after 10 days the drink is ready to consume and can be poured straight from the box into a glass.

After launching in October 2013 with an apple cider they have now expanded the range to include elderflower cider, mixed berry cider, pale ale and dark ale. The 20 pint version retails at £24.99 and they will also be launching a 10 pint version shortly.

Victor’s Drinks make the perfect gift, is a fun and easy way to make your own drink and – true it’s origins – is great for parties.

For all press enquiries and images please contact us

Company Links

Purchase Links


Alex Dixon (28) and Ralph Broadbent (27) met at University and hosted many parties during their years studying. Their parties grew and so did the requirement for alcohol. Alex experimented with home brewing, to the delight of his friends who always loved it, although for Alex there was a lot of time, effort and money required to get there. In the following three years Ralph and Alex spent time coming up with a way of changing the way people viewed home brewing and in October 2013 launched the first batch of apple cider drinks kits which is an extremely simple way to make your own alcohol while also having a fantastic taste. Alongside Victor’s Drinks Ralph and Alex put on a number of music festivals across the UK including the award winning 15,000 strong Y-Not Festival in Derbyshire.

Why Victor’s Drinks?

The name Victor’s Drinks is derived from the word “Victory”, and is based around the personal accomplishment gained from creating your own drink. The box is designed like a trophy and #TasteVictory is used across their social media channels.

How Does It Work?

The product is based on bag in box technology, and comes ready filled with a specially formulated syrup which gives the drink its flavour. In order to create the drink the customer just removes the cap (which also acts as a valve), removes the plastic seal (which keeps the syrup fresh), adds the supplied sachet of yeast and fills with 18 pints of warm water before leaving at room temperature for 10 days, following which, the drink can be poured directly into a glass. Inside the box the sugar in the syrup and the yeast combine to create the alcohol. Once the drink is ready it can be drunk within 3 weeks.

The Product

The box should ideally be kept somewhere at room temperature and not moved for 10 days. You can keep the cider for up to 3 weeks and the longer you leave it the dryer the taste becomes. The ales are also ready after 10 days. The box features a push tap for easy pouring.


Victor’s Drinks is based in London Fields, close to Alex and Ralph’s current London home in Angel.
Alex was born in Poole and lived with his family in Wareham until moving to Manchester University at the age of 18.
Ralph is from Biggin near Ashbourne and like Alex moved to Manchester after his A-levels.

Dragon’s Den

Victor’s Drinks received an offer of investment as seen on August 3rd episode. After initial worries all but one of the Dragon’s opted “out” and they rejected a sole “offer” from Duncan Bannatyne however Alex and Ralph returned with a counter-offer and a deal was agreed for £40,000 for 25% share, which if after 3 years all profit targets are hit, will reduce to 15%. Following the programme (filmed in April) Ralph and Alex have been working hard on the brand are are excited about re-launching in the coming months.
Watch the episode here:


Victor’s Drinks is available on their own website as well as at Firebox, Menkind, Fenwicks, QD Stores, Hawkins Bazaar and a variety of independent gift shops and garden centres with a rrp of £24.99


Apple Cider: apple juice concentrate, water, natural flavouring , apple, malt extract. Contains gluten.
Mixed Berry Cider: apple juice concentrate, sugar, elderberry juice concentrate, strawberry juice concentrate, raspberry juice concentrate, natural flavouring, wild berry, apple, pomegranate, strawberry, malic acid. Gluten-free.
Elderflower Cider: apple juice concentrate, water, elderflower extract, citric acid. Gluten-free.
Ales: hopped barley, malt extract (barley, malted barley, water, iso-hop concentrate). Contains gluten.
Alcohol content.

For all varieties approx 4.5% after 10 days (varies depending on conditions)

Victor’s Drinks always advise drinking in moderation.

The Keiko Menu

Keiko Menu Header

Benihana are delighted to announce the launch of The Keiko Menu, designed in honour of the CEO Keiko Ono Aoki who has taken over the Benihana empire since founder Hiroaki “Rocky” Aoki sadly passed away in 2008.

Keiko is a constant support for the global chain of restaurants and this is celebrated in her 9 course menu detailed below.

This menu is for ladies only and costs £30 per person for 9-courses, a plum-wine cocktail, a glass of wine and 25% off Champagne and sparkling wine.

Benihana offers group seating around the Teppan, central locations in Piccadilly and King’s Road and a menu designed and presented with ladies in mind priced at exceptional value. This promotion is ideal for ladies-only gatherings especially as an antidote to the forthcoming World Cup.

This offer is available at both lunch and dinner times and launches today until the end of August.

The Keiko Menu – 9-courses for £30 per person
1. Onion Soup
2. Benihana salad with homemade ginger dressing
3. Starter plate (rock n roll sushi, tofu with ikura, edamame & avocado) (pictured)
4. Vegetable Tempura
5. Prawn & vegetable appetisers
6. Hibachi Salmon
7. Chicken crêpe with hoi sin sauce
8. Hibachi Steak with mushroom – served with Hibachi Rice
9. Cheesecake dumpling
Plus: Plum wine cocktail and a glass of House wine (choice of red / white / rosé)

Mon-Fri / 12-3pm & 5.30-10.30pm / Ladies only

About Benihana:
My Kitchen Is Your Table:
Benihana provides a private chef to every table who creates the meal in front of the diners on the 360 degrees Teppan grill. The meals are served in several courses

Benihana Chelsea, 77 King’s Road, SW3 4NX
Telephone: 020 7376 7799
Covers: 140

Benihana Piccadilly, 37 Sackville Street, W1S 3EH
Telephone: 020 7494 2525
Covers: 160

Opening Times:
Monday to Saturday for lunch service (12-3pm) and dinner service (5.30-10.30pm)
Sundays and Bank Holidays (12-3pm & 5pm – 10pm)


Growing Google Plus


Google’s goal is to provide companies with powerful and easy tools so that potential customers can find them when they search online. Sounds simple, but as a digital marketing consultancy we need to show our clients exactly how this can be done, and then do it, successfully.

“Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance” says Eric Schmidt, Google’s Executive Chairman and former CEO.

Irrelevance sounds the death knoll for any brand so we have recently increased our focus on Google visibility for our client The Cavendish London hotel.

Amongst various methods we have recently launched a promotion mechanic to draw attention to the existence of the hotel’s Google+ profile. Abiding by Google’s regulations we have incorporated the +1 and Follow buttons within the design to encourage participation however opting-in is not necessary to enter the promotion. The hotel has an outstanding online community of over 10k as well as their in-house newsletter database from which we can pool already interested traffic. With their exceptionally high return and retention rate we expected a enthusiastic response.

Following the creation, coding, design and launch of the competition on February 17th we received over 5k entries (50% of total online community figure) and an increase of 209 Followers and 95 +1s. We also received 133 Facebook Likes and 43 Facebook messages on the announcement post on the hotel’s Facebook Page Wall.

We shall be employing varying techniques to monitor success rate for acquiring entries and also observing the proportion of those opting-in to follow and like The Cavendish London’s Google Plus page.

Of course the promotion would not be a success without the support of the hotel who have put together an extremely desirable and accessible prize package to give back brilliant value for what has already proved to be a highly successful tool in growing the Google Plus page, the hotel’s online visibility and, of course, relevance.

Enter here.

NOLA Bar Awarded Seal of the Sazerac


Huge congratulations to NOLA who have been awarded the prestigious ‘Seal of the Sazerac’ from the New Orleans Culinary Preservation Society.

NOLA will be the first bar outside of North America to receive the award for serving the cocktail at an incredible standard and promoting the Sazerac and culture of New Orleans.

“For us this is an unbelievable achievement. When we put the cocktail program together it was important to us that we honour the rich history of cocktails from the city of New Orleans, so for the NOCCPS to recognise us as the first bar outside of North America to receive this honour is something that our whole team are very proud of” says Dan Priseman, Founding Partner of NOLA.

As Duke’s Bar is known for their Martinis we look forward to welcoming guests to NOLA to try the Sazerac, officially the most authentic and perfect example to be found outside North America.

So what makes the perfect Sazerac? Michelle Dunnick from Tales of the Cocktail has the answer:
“The perfect Sazerac contains all of the major elements (spirit, bitters, sweetness, anise) but is well-balanced, includes a lemon garnish, uses a chilled glass that’s been rinsed first with an anise-flavored liquor (herb saint or absinthe) and contains Peychaud’s bitters and rye whiskey. The no-nos? Serving the drink in a martini glass, using a lemon wedge garnish, shaking the cocktail or serving it on the rocks”.

Now you can find out what the perfect Sazerac tastes like, see you at NOLA!

66-68 Rivington Street
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 6pm until midnight
Friday & Saturday: 6pm until 3am (Members only after midnight)

Twitter: @NOLAbar

The Cavendish London Cocktail Festival

The Cavendish London Cocktail Festival takes place from August 15th to September 15th during which guests are invited to enjoy cocktails and win prizes.

The festival is being held to celebrate the opening of The Rosa Lewis Bar named after the legendary “Duchess of Jermyn Street” who owned the hotel for 50 years from 1902.

During the month-long festival guests and members of the public are invited to the hotel to enjoy half-price Mondays and win prizes by tweeting #cocktailwednesday, Checking-In on Facebook or Foursquare and submitting Instagrams and Vines.


Rosa Lewis
The Rosa Lewis Bar is named after Rosa Lewis, a British chef and owner of The Cavendish Hotel in London from 1902 to 1952. Known as the “Queen of Cooks” her culinary skills were highly prized by Edward VII with whom she was rumoured to have had an affair in the 1890s. She was also called “The Duchess of Jermyn Street.” Rosa Lewis was a strong woman and a infamous character amongst society and many tales are told of her flamboyance. One of her employers was Lady Randolph Churchill. One day, Rosa chased Lady Churchill’s then ten-year-old, red-haired son Winston out of her kitchen, shouting “Hop it, copper knob!”

Mondays – all cocktails are half price
Check-in on Facebook and Foursquare for a complimentary cocktail

Complimentary cocktails for 5 followers (and guest) selected from all twitter entries that include #cocktailwednesday
The best #cocktailvine and instagram taken at the hotel will win prizes of overnight stays, Champagne dinners and afternoon teas.

Three prizes for best #cocktailvine submitted via Twitter
Three prizes for best Instagram submitted via instagram, Twitter or Facebook
5 weekly prizes for #cocktailwednesday entries

1st Prize: Overnight stay for two with breakfast in a Suite with Champagne Dinner and welcome cocktails
2nd Prize: Dinner for 2 and welcome cocktails
3rd Prize: Afternoon Tea for two and welcome cocktails

Hotel address
81 Jermyn Street, SW1Y 6JF
020 7930 2111
Nearest tube: Piccadilly & Green Park

The Rosa Lewis Bar Opening Hours
4pm to 12.30am daily and until 2am on Friday and Saturday

Hotel SM details

Seasonal Summer at The Palm London

Palm Image

The Palm London have just launched their Seasonal Summer dishes that run from June to the end of August.

The Palm London are fully embracing their UK home and British Head Chef Spencer Westcott is proud to complement the Palm menu with dishes using local produce:

“We serve tender lobsters sourced from Nova Scotia, we serve flavourful USDA Prime beef from Nebraska and this summer we are serving the very best of British seasonal produce. We hope our guests enjoy our changing seasonal summer dishes that demonstrate that we are not just an American Steakhouse but an American Steakhouse in London and our menu reflects this” says Spencer.

The Seasonal Summer dishes are served as an addition to the existing Palm menu and offered as a vegetable side and a fish special. The dishes are outlined below, will be priced at market price, and recipes can be provided for all.

Vegetable Sides
Broad bean, asparagus and tomato salad with harissa mayonnaise
Green beans with spring onion and smoked pancetta cream
Mangetout , green bean and garden pea salad with minted roquette vinaigrette
Roquette, asparagus and strawberry salad
Fish Special
Pan fried mackerel fillets, raspberry and cucumber piccalilli

Vegetable Sides
Panko breaded aubergines with honey
Beetroot, globe artichoke and sour cherry salad
Courgette, watercress and pickled cucumber salad, red currant vinaigrette
Fish Special
Grilled sardines with shaved fennel and strawberries
Tea smoked mackerel, greengage chutney

Vegetable Sides
Artichoke hearts, garlic and parsley butter
Broad beans with fresh tomatoes and sorrel
Pak choi with roasted chillies and garlic butter
Fish Special
Grilled sea bass with peas, cucumber and sorrel cream sauce

Address and Contact Details:
The Palm London
1-3 Pont Street
Phone: 020 7201 0710
Follow the Palm London on Facebook and Twitter.

Nearest Tube:
Knightsbridge or Sloane Square (both ten minutes walk)